When Do We Start 17th Of March, The day of legend! St Patrick’s Day!

Legends So Far…Speaking Spaces Allocated In Order Of Response!

  • checkMatt Bacak
  • checkPaul O’Mahoney
  • checkTellman Kudson
  • checkMatt Furey
  • checkRon Douglas
  • checkAlicia Lytte
  • checkJeff Herring
  • checkJohn J Cornetta
  • checkTom Cone
  • checkStefan Ciancio
  • checkDavid Pedrew
  • checkTy Cohen 
  • checkBrian Anderson 
  • checkMonique Johnson
  • checkTracy Repchuk
  • checkChris Hitman
  • checkMatt Stefanik
  • checkJohn Mulry

All Qualifying Speakers 

  • checkAre  Mailing 3 Times.
  • check Have A killer Offer from 497 to 997
  • checkThe Top 3 Performers will Get An Encore!

Replays will be set up and sent out, to all subscribers. 

We plan to do a Facebook live campaign and Interview Each speaker before the event.

I will be in touch with you directly to arrange this!

Your Swipes are below.

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 And you are honor bound to mail 3 times.

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